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mates4dates was founded in 2003 as a UK dating agency with a difference. We tried all the other dating agency offerings in the UK to find out what we liked and what we didn’t.

The biggest problem we found was that so many profiles on the other dating agency services were a bit sexed up and made them sound like Brad Pitt when they weren’t really, and that the whole online dating experience could be rather creepy.

We spoke to lots of people in the real world to find how most people actually met their perfect partner and conducted extensive surveys. The results were surprising – we found that over 80% of people met their perfect partner through friends or friends of friends, not through traditional dating or dating agency services.

The mates4dates dating agency concept is to go online dating with friends. What better recommendation could you get than a friend of a friend? That’s the idea behind the mates4dates dating agency – you hook up with friends profiles and they bring their friends who bring their friends and so on.

The principle works like this:

Suppose you and I are good friends. We both have friends who are single. Two of those friends may be perfect for each other, but unless the four of us meet and we introduce them, they potentially may never meet. With mates4dates, you and I would invite our single friends and they meet online through us – you and I feel good as we have played cupid and introduced two people and they find love.

That’s the concept but with the benefit of doing it over the internet – letting you or your friends search for new dates at leisure from the comfort of your own home, but with the safety of having dates recommended by friends of friends.

From our research we are one of the best value UK dating agency services. You can register for free and view the photos and profiles of people before spending any money with us at all. Plus of course, with mates4dates, if you join with a full profile, we will give you 2 free days to mail and chat online with other members.

So if you are looking for a UK dating agency to find a date in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, or in London, Bristol, Reading, Manchester, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Southampton, Leeds, Leicester, Oxford, Guildford, Cambridge, Newcastle, Edinburgh or Cardiff, try mates4dates, the newest dating concept website.

We really hope you like the mates4dates dating agency that we have provided but we're always looking for ways it can be improved. If you've got any comments or ideas that could improve the service then we'd love to hear from you.

To help get you started and to provide some pointers on getting the best from a dating agency, we have some dating agency tips that we have provided for free for you. For our free dating tips, then click here – dating agency tips.

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