What Our Friends Say About Us

…I was invited to join mates4dates by a friend and found it interesting to see who knows who. I really like the idea of having both married and single people on this site. It means I have more chance to meet single friends of friends…. Being on mates4dates helps you break the ice and makes it easier to meet new people….

Alison, 34, London

I found the site very quick and easy to use and have met a few people online with similar interests.

ChrisP, 28, Bristol

I like to check my history and see who has been looking at my profile.

Betsy, 22, Newcastle

What a brilliant service. I have found the girl of my dreams and we are now going steady. Keep up the good work!

Adam, 37, Edinburgh

Just a quick note to say thank you. This is one of the few sites where I have found genuine people who are what they say they are. It is good to have met so many friends online in such a short time and well worth the money

Michelle, 47, Aldershot

"I've met someone and would like to terminate my membership, thanks again"

Isobel, 47, London

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