How to Use the Site

mates4dates is our way to meet new friends and friends of friends whether for shared interests, potential dates or if you are married, introducing people to your single friends.

1) How do I get started
Create a profile by following the simple instructions on Join mates4dates or Create Profile.

2) How do I link friends
Once you have created a profile, simply login and click on “My Friends” and put in your friends names and emails.

3) How do I send/ receive messages
We will send an email to your real email address to tell you when you have received a message from another member. You can then visit your "Inbox" on the site at any time to read your messages by clicking "My Messages".
To send messages, you need to be a full member. You can become a full member by clicking upgrade in “My Profile” when you are logged in. You can then send unlimited messages to anyone on the site.

4) How do I search mates4dates?
You can search mates4dates whether or not you are logged in, and search by sex, age and what people are interested in.

5) Can I change my Profile or Email address?
Yes, you can change your Profile or Email address at any time by clicking "My Profile", then using the relevant edit buttons.

6) How do I upgrade my membership?
Just log in and follow the instructions on your "My Profile" on how to upgrade to full membership.

7) How do I cancel my Membership?
To cancel your membership and delete your profile from the site, Click Here

8) Tips for using mates4dates
All information should be honest & genuine…fairly obvious, otherwise it is a waste of time. There aren’t that many billionaire Nobel prize winners that are friends of our friends
To arrange dates / swap telephone numbers, it’s best to leave potential mates / dates a message in their personal message box.
You can filter or block individuals if you want to.
If you feel someone is overstepping the mark please tell us
mates4dates works best when you invite your friends to join you by linking to your profile. Click here to link friends – it’s very easy and takes less than one minute.
Pictures are an excellent way to ensure all your friends get connected. To see how you can get a picture on your profile click here.

9) Tips on safety
Meeting people via mates4dates is probably the safest form of meeting new friends. You never have to give any personal details (such as your real email address, telephone number or home address) to anyone unless you wish to do so.

For added safety you can follow these simple rules:

  1. Don’t give your home address, email address or telephone number to a stranger.
  2. Always arrange to meet in a very public place, i.e. a Pub or Restaurant. Never invite a stranger to your home.
  3. Always tell someone else where you are going and approximately what time you will be back home.
  4. Above all use your common sense, if you are unsure about meeting someone then don't, your instincts are usually right.

10) What is your ethos?
Mates4dates was set up to introduce friends of friends to each other. As a result we have fairly strict rules on “online” behaviour, and will regularly check profiles – any profiles that are offensive, overtly sexual or obviously not genuine will be removed.

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