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Dating services – how does internet dating compare to other dating services

There is a wide range of dating services available that you can use ranging from speed dating, specialist introduction agencies, billboard dating, text dating as well as internet dating services.

We wanted to try and put internet dating into the context of all the other dating services and see how it compares – this should give you, the potential dater a good idea of the different pros and cons of internet dating as compared to other dating services. We think that there are three big advantages of internet dating services, although there are many more.

One of the biggest advantages of an internet dating services is the fast access it gives you to a very large number of people. We cannot think of any other dating service which in a matter of minutes gives you access to thousands of people who meet your criteria and are actively to go dating or find a relationship.

Speed dating by contrast is great as it lets you meet 20 people face to face, but you are restricted to the 20 people who turn up that evening. An introduction agency is great, but you have to pay a heavy up front cost and will have to work through a lot of very detailed profiles. Internet dating services by contrast allow very fast searching of thousands of profiles and you can be making contact with other daters within minutes.

The second big advantage of dating services over the internet is that they are very safe. You do not have to give out your email address or phone number to someone until you are comfortable with who the other person is. You can mail and flirt with people completely anonymously with your personal details secure until you are ready to give them out –you are completely in control of how you want to go dating and how you want to use this type of dating service.

The third and final big advantage of internet dating services is how cheap they are – for example the mates4dates service works out at just a few pence a day. Compare this to an introduction agency where you may have to pay thousands of pounds up front to join and with no guarantee of success. You could compare it to a speed dating night – pay for a £20 ticket, transport and drinks – you are easily looking at over £30 for the evening with the ability to meet a maximum of 20 people. Compare this to the mates4dates dating service where for less than £30, you can have 3 months premier membership (our most popular membership) enabling you to contact thousands of people over the course of 3 months and have hours and hours of fun. We think that these dating services represents remarkable value for what it is – especially as you can try to for free before hand and only upgrade if you want to.

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