Internet Dating

Internet Dating – do normal people register to go internet dating?

The answer is yes. Internet dating is very much a part of life in the UK and although it once carried a small amount of stigma is now very much an accepted way of meeting new people – internet dating is here to stay.

People from all backgrounds and professions are using internet dating as their main way to meet new people – so whether you a doctor or plumber, accountant or hairdresser, whether you are between jobs, or a lawyer, you can be sure that there are other people just like you who have take the plunge and are trying internet dating. It applies also wherever you come from in the UK – people from all over the UK are internet dating – people from London, Leeds and Manchester, Wales, Ireland and Scotland are all internet dating and finding the perfect person for them using an internet dating service.

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This shift in the way we meet people has been significant – very few people would have dreamt of going internet dating 10 years ago – but even in the UK, over 1 in 5 people are trying internet dating and having remarkable dating success with it. It is very effective and cheap. For 6 months premier membership on mates4dates, you will spend less than £50 – that works out at less than 28 pence a day and that allows you unlimited mailing and flirting with all the other members on mates4dates. What would you spend on a typical night out with friends – perhaps about the same and if you are doing well, perhaps a snog and more than likely a hangover the next day. When you put it in this context, internet dating is remarkably cheap.

The other amazing thing about internet dating is that you can get to know a person before you start dating them – previously, people often used to get into a relationship first and then find out what the person they were dating is like. We think that the approach of getting to know someone first is by far the best way to find a long lasting relationship and is one of the key reasons why internet dating is so enduring and popular in today’s world.

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